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Simpler purchasing channels

In the past few months, we have made a few deals by direct payments through PayPal. Everything was well, much better than the process by Aliexpress. We appreciated the trust. If possible, we prefer to continue with this way.

For any thing interested in, please contact, we will come to you with all details.It is always our pleasure to have your any inquires.

If no PayPal account, we could work on

WISE / Pandaremit / Remitly / Westernunion / Wirebarley


Q: Can you send it to my country/region?
A: We could send the parcel to the most countries and regions but the channels of freight forwarders would be changed against the destinations.

Q: How long will it take to receive the parcel?
A: The parcel is from China, and if it goes smoothly, it will take 15-20 days to the most countries, maxium 60 days. As knives are not common products, there is legal issue, especially when it is in China area, it takes longer time.

Q: What kind of after-sales service I can have?
A: We ensure the article are perfect before sending as we apply much more carefully quanlity check for the international orders. The knives are very very difficult to return to my workshop. However, if you have any damage after using, and it could be repaired with replacements, we could manage it.

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The sales channels of cybertrix

The new batch of Cybertrix was displayed at the Atlanta Blade Show in June, and delivered only a few to visitors during the show. It was warm welcomed like it was new.

We are rushing on production, supply would be stable in coming week hopefully.

Currently, is our authorized distributor, is our own website shop, we highly recommend these two way to buy a Cybertrix.

We knew some dirty copy were sold on the other website shops, and we are trying to stop them by the way of international legal system.

Anyway, looking forward to talk to you by the designs, the articles.

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Cybertrix will be available soon

Cybertrix was launched in November 2021, received really a warm welcome, much more than we expected. we were not aware when the first batch was sold out. We should have prepared more.
However, we had to continue with our new projects according to the time plan. COVID-19 brought everyone various changes and troubles, which really delayed our job. Till now, we are able to produce one more batch of Cybertrix.

This time, we are collaborat with RIKE KNIFE. Beside type A and type B, we add type C to meet the feedback from our friends. The blade shape of Type C is more friendly, not so "special". Meanwhile, we will improve some details which is invisible but we are going to improve, always!
They will be available soon, will be earlier than the "copy" hopefully.


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Megrez (Limited editon)

This is an almost full handcrafted attempt. We hope to give more young craftsmen some chance to show himself. Of course, it's still inevitable to use wire cutting, Some processes still cannot be separated from CNC, but we try our best to allow manual to complete more work.We hope express the individuality of manual work, and infuse sweat and emotion into every knife.

We try to combine eastern and western elements, including some steampunk and Baroque Victorian styles. Someone even associate the Persian Scimitar. Yes, this is Megrez, a new design.It seem simple, but simplicity is not a lack of design, but a more difficult design.

It's classical, and elegant. It's coming soon.

Blade: M390/Sweden Damasteel

Handle: Tc4/Timascus/Brass

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Athron: Another dinosaur skull

Type-A: Std gray $375 /Type-B: DLC Black $435


A folding knife is only a few inches long, that gives small space to exert my creativities... We have made some structural innovations and you may know them: Cybertrix, Rebelship...

Now, we try to apply the most classic structure, the frame lock, to achieve a new design.

We must find its highlights beside the structure.

We are doing our job independently, peculiarly, not only making a knife, to be different, to create something different!

1678120644-athron A
1678120674-athron B
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The year before last, we released a limited edition of Armour, a heavy folding knife shaped like a dinosaur skull.
This is a conceptual attempt. Be surprised, it was amazing successful, so many people love it, strongly, persistently. We can not repeat it, so we continue its intension,that is Athron.

We have spent a lot of energy to carve its shape and make it beautiful, to close to the concept of dinosaur skull, meanwhile, it has to be functional perfectly, comfortable grip, sharp and durable blade… basically, materials are not be compromised: M390/TC4.

We tried the highest surface treatment technology to finish its skin, to make it delicate.Obviously, it works. Both TypeA and TypeB, standard gray and DLC black, are perfect.

We believe our products will represent everything. Once you touch it, you will understand what we are doing.

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Another Limited edition: TripleKill

Complex and fine mechanical structure, low-key and introverted appearance.
This time, we are not making a knife, or not just knife, but a strange toy.
In other words: we made a feeling, about seemingly useless, redundant but interesting.
There are some hidden mechanisms, you need to observe carefully to open it. There are some memories in it, and some growth tracks of our brand, some our perception of design that spanning many years.
Some things are made to waste time and money, but we enjoy it, which may be one of the EDC spirits we love.

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Well, it's still a knife,

blade M390, handle TC4,

and some stainless steel and brass components, even have bearings with ceramic balls.

We expect it to be carried anywhere as far as possible, not to many restrictions.
We expect it to take on the responsibility of a knife in an emergency.
We expect it to have some twists and turns when the blade is being opened, so that you have enough time to calm down or have fun before you use it.

However, once it is ready, it can also be extremely fierce

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Rebelship for sale

We finished it on the last day of 2022.

Fortunately, we didn't break our promise to some friends.

here is the link of store:

Due to the limitations of some regulations in Aliexpress, the data you see there is not accurate and the photos are not complete, but please do not mind. All the complete content is here, at

Any questions, you can DM us on or @king.freeman.x and you will get more Detailed answers.

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The Black Alkaid for sale

We have completed the production.

We use normal temperature chemical blackening process, which will not affect the hardness of steel. The new formulation also has excellent colouring and adhesion.
The surface after stone washing is rugged, feel of vicissitudes, which will be more practical without fear of slight scratch.
I think many friends will like this style.

Similarly, its output is small, about 50 pieces or so.

Due to some bizarre regulations, we may not be able to sell the black version on AliExpress. This has nothing to do with the product , and no logic, maybe only depend on the mood of the auditors.

However, we can handle the deal by:
The blue/gray version is still for sale, the price is the same for both versions. You could order the blue/gray version and remark that you need black one, then we would send you the black version.

here is the link:

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Tenon and mortise is a kind of faith.

Rebelship represents the spirit of Chinese tenon and mortise. Structurally, it is a folding knife with full tenon and mortise which can be disassembled without tools. If you were familiar with the elements of Chinese architecture and furniture, you would have more perceptions.

Rebelship should not be compared with the other designs which with similar creativity, as we believe it is unique, it is totally new…

It looks no-screws but there is one, it is covered by a part of handle so invisible. The screw could be used as one metal bar after fixed it with glue. The reason why we keep the screw functional, just to compensate any abrasion after long time wearing.

How and why? Try it!

Anyhow, it is a very tactical folding knife.

We expect to launch in mid December, hope you would like it!

  • Blade:S90V
  • Handle:TC4
  • Blade length / overall length :86.8mm /204.5mm
  • weight:135g

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New shop on Aliexpress

PayPal seems to be unfriendly to Chinese users. Every time our sales increase, they suspect that we are selling gun accessories. We have been blocked by Paypal for many times and have to give up this most popular way.

Now we have new shop in AliExpress. Select "shop" in the top menu here, or directly Visit:

We warmly wel both old and new customers coming.

However, we hope you mark but not . is built by ourselves, we can explain all the details about the product. We can speak freely without fear of being blocked by the system or auditors.

Maybe we will open stores on more platforms in the future, but is always the most direct portal.


We noticed that some friends very hate Aliexpress.
Some people say that most fakes here. Some people have unpleasant experiences, such as credit card theft.

I have to say that Aliexpress is almost our only choice now compared with PayPal or Amazon, although we also don't like it. Paypal often arbitrarily blocks our accounts and funds, and Amazon closes our stores for no reason. Most store systems do not allow the sale of knives, or set very strict terms for it. Most popular store systems are not open to Chinese seller.… Every platform/system has its pride and prejudice, It's the same all over the world.

I hope you will not blame us for your dissatisfaction with the Aliexpress.

Small and niche brands always face more challenges. When more and more friends know our products and our brand, I believe we will have more choices, better channels and prices.


Note: Even in Aliexpress, we are also restricted in many aspects. We often need to modify the photos of the product and hide some features of it to pass the audit. Knives have been mankind's friends since ancient times. However, in many places, many times, selling knives has become a sin.When you find that the product photos on Aliexpress are incorrect, don't be surprised, it is a must. If you have any questions, the most direct thing is to contact us on Instagram, DM or @king.freeman.x

Note: We also simultaneously sell in China through multiple channels, so we will modify the inventory at any time.

According to different tariff policies in different regions, the AliExpress platform will impose different tariffs, so the price will be higher than our pricing.

If you can, we recommend you to use Alipay or WeChat direct payment to us, which can be much cheaper.