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A really novel design, unprecedented .

Interesting and fun,Elegant and violent,
Every angle is perfect.

At present, we have 3 versions:

  • Blue/Grey►
  • Full Grey
  • Full black

• Blade:M390
• Handle:Tc4 or Timascus
• Screws:Tc4
• Patent linkage mechanism


43 thoughts on “Alkaid

  1. 非常心动

  2. 非常心动,什么时候可以购买呢

  3. 太酷了

  4. 心动了,怎么买

  5. Hi I’m Sean
    How can I buy Alkaid?

    1. The first batch has been sold out. We will sell it again next month, when you can visit our store directly:

      1. The full gray is sold out again. Is another batch coming next year?

        1. Maybe next week

          1. Thanks for the reply. I am checking the shop regularly. There are several gray/blue available but my collection calls foe full grey. Looking forward to get this transformer beauty 🙂

          2. In about 3 days, The full Grey will back

          3. Is there any chance you could assemble a blue/black model? That would be a dream. Honestly, any variant would be a treasure. Sheer brilliance; I am in absolute awe of your engineering, creativity, innovation, machining and dedication. Wow.
            Is there no means to contact you via e-mail?
            Are your black blades DLC coated? And do you mind if I inquire the HRC?
            Appreciate you

  6. That is the coolest knife I’ve ever seen. I want to review it!

    1. It’s a cool knife definitely caught my interest. But the price point just doesn’t allow for this knife to grow in popularity other than novelty YouTube videos like the one I saw this one on. Don’t get me wrong It’s a great product and probably worth the price because of labor and quality materials but I see it going to the wayside Aclim8 Combar. I’ll get back when you get one under 200$

      1. Wow, I also like the Aclim8 Combar

      2. Agreed price point is extremely high it's not saying it's not a quality knife I would have to review the toughness and functionality of it as a every day carry before dishing out that much cash just really cool design.

      3. I agree. I like this knife and I would pay $200 US for it.

      4. I think anybody would buy it for $200. $285, $325, $365, $385, $420, $440.... These would all be preferable to $585, man. But $200 is a hell of a low ball. I definitely would not complain!

  7. I want to buy the Alkaid how can it get one and can I before Christmas please help

  8. I would like to purchase this knife.

  9. I don't have Instagram and would love to get this knife if you could email me that would be great

  10. Can you please hold this knife for me upon the next run a am a collector and show on line I would love to add this to my collection thanks Derek

  11. I don't see any Alkaid knife available on your Aliexpress page, could you tell me how to buy this knife ? Best regards

  12. $700 is over priced for the alkaid my guy, it should be way less money and there’s absolutely no way it cost you a lot to manufacture that product.

    1. Our price is $528,Sir

  13. Please let me know when it is on sale again.

    1. Now on

  14. when will new batch be ready

    1. Now on

  15. When will the full black be back in stock?

    1. it's available, mailto:

  16. Id love to have a all black alkaid. Will these be restocked anytime?

  17. When will the all black alkaid be available again

    1. Now mail

  18. Hi,

    I managed to find a used Alkaid.

    It is missing the wooden box and pivot tool / wrench.

    Is there any way I can buy the tool from you?


    1. It's possible

      1. Thanks! How may I buy the tool from you?

        Anything else you can sell to me, such as the wood box and any factory papers would be greatly appreciated by me.

        1. I have already sent you an email

          1. Thank you so much for letting me know!

            I just thought to check my quarantine/ spam folder and found your message!

            I have sent my contact and payment info.

            Thanks again for your consideration of my special request.

            I am liking my Forever Steel Alkaid very much. It is extremely well-built and a truly ingenious design. And the cutting edge is very, very, very sharp!

            For readers of this message who are sitting on the fence about buying an Alkaid. Just buy it. You will absolutely love it.

            As you can see here, Forever Steel’s customer service is highly responsive and superb!

            Plus, I have just discovered that Forever Steel now has sales and available inventory of the Alkaid in the USA through their Rike company.

  19. Hi there

    I am having difficulty finding a retail outlet for your amazing Alkaid design

    Any chance you could advise how I could buy one

    or could you send it directly to me if I give you my address ?

    Many thanks


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