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Another folding knife of dinosaur skull concept.

  • Blade:M390
  • Handle:TC4

It has a 5mm thick blade.It may not be a practical knife in the conventional sense,But it has to be functional perfectly too, comfortable grip, sharp and durable blade.Adopt classic frame lock structure.

It is not only a knife, it is also a design work, a toy and a handicraft

1678120644-athron A
1678120674-athron B
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Limited edition, limited to 200

  • blade M390
  • handle TC4

Some stainless steel and brass components, and bearings with ceramic balls.

We expect it to be carried anywhere as far as possible, not to many restrictions.
We expect it to take on the responsibility of a knife in an emergency.
We expect it to have some twists and turns when the blade is being opened, so that you have enough time to calm down or have fun before you use it.

However, once it is ready, it can also be extremely fierce

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Limited edition. limited to 299.

Rebelship represents the spirit of Chinese tenon and mortise. Structurally, it is a folding knife with full tenon and mortise which can be disassembled without tools. If you were familiar with the elements of Chinese architecture and furniture, you would have more perceptions.

  • Blade:S90V
  • Handle:TC4
  • Blade length / overall length :86.8mm /204.5mm
  • weight:135g
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A really novel design, unprecedented .

Interesting and fun,Elegant and violent,
Every angle is perfect.

At present, we have 3 versions:

  • Blue/Grey►
  • Full Grey
  • Full black

• Blade:M390
• Handle:Tc4 or Timascus
• Screws:Tc4
• Patent linkage mechanism


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Falcon L

A small pin self-opening folding knife.
A very delicate hawkbill blade.
More mature, stronger and more mechanical
Beautiful and deadly.

• Blade:M390
• Handle:Tc4 or Timascus
• Screws:Tc4+Timascus
• Compression lock.

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It's out of stock. We may produce it again next year


  • Blade: M390
  • Handle: TC4
  • 440C Steel for internal structural parts

A concise and gentlemanly folding knife without any superfluous decoration.

Patented hidden screw design.

Minimalism, solid geometry, concept knife.

About Hardened handle

  • The surface treatment of sand blasting and wire drawing is very charming, but some friends want a harder handle to deal with daily hanging and wiping, such as avoiding damage from zippers, keys and so on.
  • This additional treatment process can meet such requirements, and it has sufficient hardness.
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Falcon mini

A small pin self-opening folding knife.
It looks more suitable for women in size.
But it’s also a great fit in the hands of strong men.
It’s a very delicate hawkbill blade.
Beautiful and deadly.
We hope you like it.

• Blade:M390
• Handle:Tc4 or Timascus or Zrmascus
• Screws:Tc4+Timascus
• Compression lock.

Note: Tritium tubes are not included in the product on sale
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Armour is a customized and limited product. It is mainly provided to our VIP.

It's Sold out .

It's not sold on the website, so we won't introduce it more.

You just need to know that this is a serious and interesting design.


It's strong.

It's exquisite.

Designer Declynx thinks that armour is not a pure knife,
It is a handicraft with the connotation and function of knife,
It's a big toy for a man's childhood dream.
Transformers, Battlestar, hyperspace fortress…
The soul of this design lies in the indelible memories that accompany us to grow up.

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It has been discontinued. If you are interested in it, please contact to obtain a small amount of products in stock

• A amazing design.
• A spaceship in hand. please use your imagination.
• The idea of the blade comes from the shark's teeth. evil, strong.
• And, of course, the ultimate grip feel. We debug it over and over again.
• It can be a part of your hand, a part of your safety.
• It can be a part of your life, your friend.
• Blade: m390
• Handle: TC4
• Scabbard: TC4
• Also included: surprise

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It has been discontinued. If you are interested in it, please contact to obtain a small amount of products in stock.

• A simple and clean design
• Excellent grip feel
• In addition to has a fight pointed,
• Even designed a tungsten steel cone for break the windscreen
• Safe and legal self-defense equipment,Meet the legal requirements of almost all countries

It used to have many material versions:

TC4、TC21、Zr、Co、G10、Carbon fibre、Beryllium copper、Damascus……Even Gold、Silver

It’s undoubtedly successful and classic, If you need it, we can negotiate to customize it.