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Falcon L

A small pin self-opening folding knife.
A very delicate hawkbill blade.
More mature, stronger and more mechanical
Beautiful and deadly.

• Blade:M390
• Handle:Tc4 or Timascus
• Screws:Tc4+Timascus
• Compression lock.


9 thoughts on “Falcon L

  1. How will I be able to buy this? Is this for sale now?

    1. DM us on Instagram or @King.freeman.x

  2. the pocket clip is on the sub-optimal side. for a krambit with a hook that can deploy the blade upon drawing, the clip is better on the "left side carry" side.

    1. You can change the left and right mounting positions

  3. Wish you had pictures of the Timascus version..

    1. Visit us on Instagram or @King.freeman.x

  4. 想要购买猎鹰标准版的钛马版本,想知道什么时间继续生产这个版本,我方便计划购买,如果我想在侧面刻字,您看可以嘛。希望您回复我的邮箱。

  5. Love your knives. I recently purchased the RK Alkaid-P... I absolutely Luv it. Now I'm looking at the Falcon. Love to also purchase one.

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