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Limited edition, limited to 200

  • blade M390
  • handle TC4

Some stainless steel and brass components, and bearings with ceramic balls.

We expect it to be carried anywhere as far as possible, not to many restrictions.
We expect it to take on the responsibility of a knife in an emergency.
We expect it to have some twists and turns when the blade is being opened, so that you have enough time to calm down or have fun before you use it.

However, once it is ready, it can also be extremely fierce

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4 thoughts on “TripleKill

  1. The information is very interesting

  2. Thanks for the complete information

  3. I would be interested to know what the dimensions are for the three slots that look like they can hold a Tritium Vial. One on the back of the blade, and one on each side of the body.

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