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Armour is a customized and limited product. It is mainly provided to our VIP.

It's Sold out .

It's not sold on the website, so we won't introduce it more.

You just need to know that this is a serious and interesting design.


It's strong.

It's exquisite.

Designer Declynx thinks that armour is not a pure knife,
It is a handicraft with the connotation and function of knife,
It's a big toy for a man's childhood dream.
Transformers, Battlestar, hyperspace fortress…
The soul of this design lies in the indelible memories that accompany us to grow up.

9 thoughts on “Armour

  1. If available, I’d be interested in it!

    1. This is a limited edition customized product. DM @king.freeman.x or on Instagram for details

    2. May I know what kind of the blade material.

  2. I am a knife collector of unique mechanisms. I purchased Alakid the second I saw it. I would very much like to own one of the Armour knives. What can I do the help make that happen?

    1. If anyone in our player group sells second-hand armour, I will notify you

  3. Hi,
    I'm ready to buy Armour if anyone in your group ready to sell it. I have 2 Athrons and want to have Armour.

  4. I would love to buy an Armour if one becomes available 2nd hand

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