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Another folding knife of dinosaur skull concept.

  • Blade:M390
  • Handle:TC4

It has a 5mm thick blade.It may not be a practical knife in the conventional sense,But it has to be functional perfectly too, comfortable grip, sharp and durable blade.Adopt classic frame lock structure.

It is not only a knife, it is also a design work, a toy and a handicraft

1678120644-athron A
1678120674-athron B
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13 thoughts on “Athron

  1. What is the eta if I preorder a grey Athron knife?

    1. Where you are? friend

  2. Hi. Can I order grey? I'm in USA NYC. I emailed Ketuo but they are out of grey currently.

    1. Yes,I have added you to the list,I'll mail you when it is available

      1. TY

  3. Hello, Can I order grey too? Ketuo don't have those at the moment

    1., if it's available

      1. The link not work, I open it and shows nothing.

      2. Try Sign in first,friend

  4. How do I purchase this knife...🤔😶‍🌫️🤔🙂

    1. Now on

  5. Are there any gray ones available anywhere? I’m in the US. Thx

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