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Megrez (Limited editon)

This is an almost full handcrafted attempt. We hope to give more young craftsmen some chance to show himself. Of course, it's still inevitable to use wire cutting, Some processes still cannot be separated from CNC, but we try our best to allow manual to complete more work.We hope express the individuality of manual work, and infuse sweat and emotion into every knife.

We try to combine eastern and western elements, including some steampunk and Baroque Victorian styles. Someone even associate the Persian Scimitar. Yes, this is Megrez, a new design.It seem simple, but simplicity is not a lack of design, but a more difficult design.

It's classical, and elegant. It's coming soon.

Blade: M390/Sweden Damasteel

Handle: Tc4/Timascus/Brass

2 thoughts on “Megrez (Limited editon)

  1. Please tell us more about this knife? Which parts are handmade and which are CNC? Does Richard Wu (Rike) help with the CNC of your parts?

    1. The handmade we are referring to are not completely handmade in the traditional sense. Workers will use some simple machinerys, such as wire cutting and table drills, to preliminarily process parts into a rough embryo, and then use tools such as files/belt/ to slowly polish it to its final shape. This is different from large-scale CNC machining. Where the accuracy of parts depends on the hands of workers rather than mechanical control.
      All parts of Megrez are made using this method.

      We have some projects in collaboration with Rike, such as Athron, new batch of Cybertrix, but megrez's manufacturing has nothing to do with Rike

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