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It's out of stock. We may produce it again next year


  • Blade: M390
  • Handle: TC4
  • 440C Steel for internal structural parts

A concise and gentlemanly folding knife without any superfluous decoration.

Patented hidden screw design.

Minimalism, solid geometry, concept knife.

About Hardened handle

  • The surface treatment of sand blasting and wire drawing is very charming, but some friends want a harder handle to deal with daily hanging and wiping, such as avoiding damage from zippers, keys and so on.
  • This additional treatment process can meet such requirements, and it has sufficient hardness.

28 thoughts on “Cybertrix

  1. What intrigued me was the simplicity of the design and the incredible packaging 😀

  2. Hi! Are the Cybertrix knives being sold on AliExpress yours as well or legit?

  3. How does one disassemble this knife? Would appreciate a demo video on your youtube channel. Thank you.

      1. LOVING how it looks/operates with scales removed. Could be some room for wild aftermarket concoctions.

        Can I purchase Just the frame+blade?

  4. VERY interested in the Cybertrix model knives...both A & B!
    Please contact me if you make more available.
    Thank you, Joe P.

  5. Can you please email me next time the knifes are avail for purchase?

  6. If possible I would like to be emailed when it is being sold again

  7. Please email me next time these are available, would love to get my hands on one of these!
    Thank you!

  8. Please make more this year!!

  9. Make more of these please!

  10. I’m interested in purchasing one if available…

  11. Please contact me as soon as I can order/preorder one! Thank you!

    1. I'm really sorry, cybertrix is sold out. Not available in the short term.Follow our website, and @king.freeman.x or on Instagram, all the progress will be here

  12. Are you going to produce these again? They are in high demand rn. People are doing reviews on the knife and the comments I am seeing are "Where can I get on?"

    Please email me when they are in stock again.

  13. 再次发售的时候请给我发邮件

  14. Can you please email me if it goes on sale again?

    1. You got, but the fastest way to know it is to follow our Instagram & @king.freeman.x

  15. hi there,
    can you pls send me an email once you have again the knifes for sale?

    1. I registered for you

  16. Man!! Gone already?? How many did you make? 1 of each? It's been 24 hours. I have been waiting for 5+ months! I don't check the site for HALF A DAY.. and their all gone!? I understand it's limited run type high end stuff. But seriously? There is obviously MORE demand for your products. You could be making more money.. but ok.. Don't take my $500 dollars. Bummed. 😢

    1. Not yet,It's still on the way and doesn't need $500

  17. This is an amazingly beautiful knife... I wish I could afford it.

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