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Cybertrix on sale

Update:It's sold out now. Sorry

A concise and gentlemanly folding knife without any superfluous decoration.

Even… Without any decoration.

Concise is not equal to simplicity. Yes, we can't see a screw from the appearance. In order to achieve this, we have made great efforts, resulting in more cumbersome processing and heinous requirements for accuracy. But it's worth it.

Named Cybertrix. Salute Cybertruck of Tesla.

There is no need to say too much. We sincerely recommend it to you. Please enjoy it

Use the most direct photos or videos without any decoration to present it to you.

Unit: mm

Blade: M390,(A few will be made of s125v)

Handle: TC4,(A few will be made of carbon fibre)

440C Steel for internal structural parts

Design by Declynx

26 thoughts on “Cybertrix on sale

  1. How much is the price?

      1. Can i get on a waiting list?

      2. you got it

  2. Is there still a chance to purchase one pls?

    1. Please wait for a while. and pay attention to the latest news on my website.

  3. Is the type B still in stock? How can we order one?

    1. Please wait for a while. and pay attention to the latest news on my website.

    2. I’d really want to get one!

      Please add me to you list if you have a list.

      1. As your wish

  4. Is there anyway being notified when the Cybertrix B will be available again

  5. What about an Armour? Can I buy one?


      you can contact at instagram.

      Or contact wechat [ID: 1093982913]

  6. what is the finish on the blade? bead blast? thanks

    1. Fine stone wash...
      It's sold out now

  7. Email when production resumes of Cybertrix.

  8. This knife that you made is the best looking knife I’ve ever seen it is a piece of art and I would love to on one. I sure hope you make more!

  9. High if you could put me on the cybertrix waiting list as well please.
    Awesome design 👍

  10. Please inform me when the Cybertrix is available?

  11. Please add me to the waiting list for the Cybertrix.

  12. Mám zájem o cybertryx typ B,
    Můžete mě zařadit do pořadníku?

  13. I would like to be notified as well. Thanks.

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