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Falcon mini

A small pin self-opening folding knife.
It looks more suitable for women in size.
But it’s also a great fit in the hands of strong men.
It’s a very delicate hawkbill blade.
Beautiful and deadly.
We hope you like it.

• Blade:M390
• Handle:Tc4 or Timascus or Zrmascus
• Screws:Tc4+Timascus
• Compression lock.

Note: Tritium tubes are not included in the product on sale

12 thoughts on “Falcon mini

  1. Greetings..Do you have a pocket clip i can purchase for my falcon. I love this little knife but it needs a clip. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Best regards.
    Kenneth Williams

    1. I'm sorry, sir. We think it's very small and suitable for putting it directly in the pocket, so we don't design a pocket clip.

  2. What is the tritium tube?

    1. It‘s also called tritium Gas Lights, Tritium gas tubes suitable for falcon are extremely tiny (about 1.5x6mm) glass tubes that are filled with (mildly) radioactive tritium gas – What these tubes do is that they are guaranteed to glow brightly and continuously for at least 10 years, without having to be charged by external light, or needing to be activated with electricity or otherwise. These little tubes just glow, unstoppably, for up to 20 years, no matter what.They're easily found on sites such as ebay, banggood, aliexpress, etc. as well as certain specialty websites. Although their sale is regulated in many countries — and you should be aware of your local laws before attempting to procure any radioisotope — we know didn't have any trouble mail-ordering a small number of them in the US.

      1. Just saw this... thanks

    2. Are there any falcon minis for purchase? I would love to buy a tc4 version.

      1. PM us in Instagram or @king.freeman.X

  3. I'm interested in one of the Falcon Mini TC4... What do i need to do to acquire one?

    1. PM us on Instagram or @king.freeman.x

  4. I will like to purchase a Falcon Mini… how can I purchase one?

  5. 中国内地购买渠道有吗

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