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New shop on Aliexpress

PayPal seems to be unfriendly to Chinese users. Every time our sales increase, they suspect that we are selling gun accessories. We have been blocked by Paypal for many times and have to give up this most popular way.

Now we have new shop in AliExpress. Select "shop" in the top menu here, or directly Visit:

We warmly wel both old and new customers coming.

However, we hope you mark but not . is built by ourselves, we can explain all the details about the product. We can speak freely without fear of being blocked by the system or auditors.

Maybe we will open stores on more platforms in the future, but is always the most direct portal.


We noticed that some friends very hate Aliexpress.
Some people say that most fakes here. Some people have unpleasant experiences, such as credit card theft.

I have to say that Aliexpress is almost our only choice now compared with PayPal or Amazon, although we also don't like it. Paypal often arbitrarily blocks our accounts and funds, and Amazon closes our stores for no reason. Most store systems do not allow the sale of knives, or set very strict terms for it. Most popular store systems are not open to Chinese seller.… Every platform/system has its pride and prejudice, It's the same all over the world.

I hope you will not blame us for your dissatisfaction with the Aliexpress.

Small and niche brands always face more challenges. When more and more friends know our products and our brand, I believe we will have more choices, better channels and prices.


Note: Even in Aliexpress, we are also restricted in many aspects. We often need to modify the photos of the product and hide some features of it to pass the audit. Knives have been mankind's friends since ancient times. However, in many places, many times, selling knives has become a sin.When you find that the product photos on Aliexpress are incorrect, don't be surprised, it is a must. If you have any questions, the most direct thing is to contact us on Instagram, DM or @king.freeman.x

Note: We also simultaneously sell in China through multiple channels, so we will modify the inventory at any time.

According to different tariff policies in different regions, the AliExpress platform will impose different tariffs, so the price will be higher than our pricing.

If you can, we recommend you to use Alipay or WeChat direct payment to us, which can be much cheaper.

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  1. 我想知道猎鹰的标准版什么时候继续生产,我想要购买。

  2. Thank you very much for the useful information

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