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Tenon and mortise is a kind of faith.

Rebelship represents the spirit of Chinese tenon and mortise. Structurally, it is a folding knife with full tenon and mortise which can be disassembled without tools. If you were familiar with the elements of Chinese architecture and furniture, you would have more perceptions.

Rebelship should not be compared with the other designs which with similar creativity, as we believe it is unique, it is totally new…

It looks no-screws but there is one, it is covered by a part of handle so invisible. The screw could be used as one metal bar after fixed it with glue. The reason why we keep the screw functional, just to compensate any abrasion after long time wearing.

How and why? Try it!

Anyhow, it is a very tactical folding knife.

We expect to launch in mid December, hope you would like it!

  • Blade:S90V
  • Handle:TC4
  • Blade length / overall length :86.8mm /204.5mm
  • weight:135g

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