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The Black Alkaid for sale

We have completed the production.

We use normal temperature chemical blackening process, which will not affect the hardness of steel. The new formulation also has excellent colouring and adhesion.
The surface after stone washing is rugged, feel of vicissitudes, which will be more practical without fear of slight scratch.
I think many friends will like this style.

Similarly, its output is small, about 50 pieces or so.

Due to some bizarre regulations, we may not be able to sell the black version on AliExpress. This has nothing to do with the product , and no logic, maybe only depend on the mood of the auditors.

However, we can handle the deal by:
The blue/gray version is still for sale, the price is the same for both versions. You could order the blue/gray version and remark that you need black one, then we would send you the black version.

here is the link:

3 thoughts on “The Black Alkaid for sale

  1. Thank you for the information

  2. is the black version still available via this method ?

    1. Yes, you can, when new batch becomes available

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