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The sales channels of cybertrix

The new batch of Cybertrix was displayed at the Atlanta Blade Show in June, and delivered only a few to visitors during the show. It was warm welcomed like it was new.

We are rushing on production, supply would be stable in coming week hopefully.

Currently, is our authorized distributor, is our own website shop, we highly recommend these two way to buy a Cybertrix.

We knew some dirty copy were sold on the other website shops, and we are trying to stop them by the way of international legal system.

Anyway, looking forward to talk to you by the designs, the articles.

2 thoughts on “The sales channels of cybertrix

  1. Hi,

    Trying to find the blue Alkaid to purchase. Apparently not available anywhere. Do you have a waiting list I might be able to get on,


    Keith M.

    1. Now on

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