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The falcon grew up

One year ago, we launched Falcon mini. >>>

It is successful, so many people like it, but also many comments on it: maybe small, no clip… and so on.

We know the most of the criticism come from people who have not touched Falcon mini in real…

Anyhow…we designed the Falcon in two sizes initially. Now, we present launch the larger one against all comments. It is could be an upgrade to the mini version, more details, more special crafts. We look forward to your discovery.

We prefer to call it Falcon L, It is more mature, stronger and more mechanical. and it's ready.

TC4 Handle ver Price:$328, FREEPOST.

Timascus Handle ver Price:$528, FREEPOST.

Unfortunately, our PayPal account has been blocked again, probably permanent. so we can't sell anything in our website shop.(Btw: Paypal Sirs, We really don't sell anything related to guns)
At present, we could only receive the payment by private Paypal account. For how to pay and more details, DM us on Instagram or @King.freeman.x if you are still interested.

Hopefully, we will fina a solution for payment soon.

contrast of Falcon L & mini
contrast of Falcon L & mini
TC4 Handle ver Price:$328, FREEPOST.
Timascus Handle ver Price:$528, FREEPOST. (Screw&Ring anodized purple)

Notices: We don't sell clips separately, the Clip can't use on mini ver

Notices: We don't sell clips separately, the Clip can't use on mini ver

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Alkaid is coming

On Sep 16, 2021, we preliminarily completed this design and released it on Instagram

We are very satisfied with the shape and structure, We believe it about the feasibility. Until we had the prototype…It's worked ,
Moreover, it has good holding feeling

The handle must be TC4 or higher material
Blade must be m390 or …
Timescale for the project? We're not sure
Price? We're not sure
There are too many unknowns, but it's coming

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Cybertrix on sale

Update:It's sold out now. Sorry

A concise and gentlemanly folding knife without any superfluous decoration.

Even… Without any decoration.

Concise is not equal to simplicity. Yes, we can't see a screw from the appearance. In order to achieve this, we have made great efforts, resulting in more cumbersome processing and heinous requirements for accuracy. But it's worth it.

Named Cybertrix. Salute Cybertruck of Tesla.

There is no need to say too much. We sincerely recommend it to you. Please enjoy it

Use the most direct photos or videos without any decoration to present it to you.

Unit: mm

Blade: M390,(A few will be made of s125v)

Handle: TC4,(A few will be made of carbon fibre)

440C Steel for internal structural parts

Design by Declynx

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Armour officially released

A knife design about mechanical dinosaur skull, delivery before 2022.

Preorder now by wechat [ID: 1093982913]

Blade:M390. Handle: TC4.

Design by Declynx
Declynx thinks that armour is not a pure knife,
It is a handicraft with the connotation and function of knife,
It's a big toy for a man's childhood dream.
Transformers, Battlestar, hyperspace fortress…
The soul of this design lies in the indelible memories that accompany us to grow up.

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Falcon-mini is waiting

Falcon mini has all finished production.
Guys, your little toys are all here.
Due to well-known reasons, the express has not returned to normal.
We are still waiting for the notice.
It should be soon. Let's waiting together.

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Falcon mini will delay delivery

I'm sorry to inform you, sir

Falcon mini will delay delivery until the end of June beacuse of the power restriction.

Global warming? may be.
This summer, as usual, is hotter than ever.
The increase of air conditioning power consumption leads to the shortage of power supply.
Our factories are restricted from using electricity too.

The good news is that through our unremitting efforts.
Falcon production is coming to an end.
We are doing the final surface treatment and debugging.
Please believe that you will see it soon.

Thank you for your support and patience

Sorry again

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Falcon-mini coming soon

Falcon-mini is a small folding knife.

It looks more suitable for women in size.

But it's also a great fit in the hands of strong men.

It's a very delicate hawkbill blade.

Beautiful and deadly.

We hope you like it.

Falcon-Mini is on production.
So we don't have detailed parameters yet.
Maybe we'll have a bigger version.
But we recommend you to experience the mini first. It's very handy.
No back clip. We like symmetry, and you?

  • Blade:M390
  • Handle:Tc4
  • Screw:Tc4+Timascus

Surprise: hold the left mouse button and drag the image below:

Design by Declynx